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FINANCIAL INFORMATION (net Monthly Figures Only)

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1. I understand that :

1.1 Acceptance of this application does not necessarily mean that you will grant the credit applied for, and you may decline this application without giving any reason ;

1. 2 You are asking me for personal information about me so as to use a Credit Reporting Agency I understand that: The Credit Reporting Agency will give you information about me for that purpose. You will give my personal information to the Credit Reporting Agency who will hold that information on their systems and use it to provide their credit reporting service. When other customers of the Credit Reporting Agency use t he credit reporting service, the Credit Reporting Agency may give the information to those services. You may use the Credit Reporting Agency's services in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to me. This may include using the Credit Reporting Agency's monitoring services to receive updates if any of the information held about me changes. If I default in my payment obligations to you, information about that default may be given to the Credit Reporting Agency and they may give informati on about my Default to their other customers.

2. I authorise you to :

2.1 Use information disclosed in this application, or any resulting contract, for the purpose of processing this application and s ending me information about other products offered by Smart Money Ltd;

2.2 Make all such enquiries about me and my financial affairs as you consider appropriate in relation to this application, or any resulting contract, and to disclose details of this application, or any resulting contract, to any person for th is purpose. I authorise any party approached by you to disclose such information to you; and

2.3 Disclose details of this application and of any resulting contract to any assignee of any such contract or to any credit agency, debt collector, solicitor or, as you consider appropriate in relation to any resulting contract, to any agent of Smart Money Limited . I understand that the assignment of any such contract may result in the existence of that contract being noted on a public register.

3. I certify that :

3.1 W here I have provided information in this application about any other person, that person has authorised me to disclose the in formation to you and to authorise you to use and disclose that information in the same ways as if that person was an applicant; and

3.2 T he information provided in this application is true, correct and complete (and includes all current names that I use), and no information that would be relevant to you in evaluating the application has been omitted. If any changes occur between now and signing a credit agreement with you (including any change in name), I will disclose such changes to you immediately. The information in this application is being collected, and will be held by, Smart Money Limited. If all the information is not provided, the application may be delayed or refused