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Finance for your business

Whatever the nature of your business and its funding requirements we can provide you the the most appropriate lending structure for your business .

How it works...

We work with a wide range of funding partners which allows us to provide your business with the best lending solution for our needs-

We have a large number of business partners that we work with thereby ensuring that regardless the size or type of your funding request ,or the asset you wish to finance we will be able to provide the solution for you

Why Us? / What you can expect

Rather than having a lending provider which regularly changes your point of contact our personal service means that you will be dealing with the same person no matter how your business or requirements evolve and grow

We get to know you and your business and this allows us to speed up the application process the information we learn from you allows us with our market knowledge to know which lender will have a appetite for your request


Term Loans match the working life of each asset purchased, in most cases short term GST funding is also available allowing you make the business decisions that suit yo rather than you lender 


A Pre-approved finance limit against your existing assets allows you to manage your capex well in advance  ensuring a smooth introduction of new equipment into your fleet


Ensuing that your funding arrangements are not affected by the softer cash-flow months through the off season and we match the repayments to your income stream


Flexible & easy to operate , floor plans allow you to meet the customer need in a timely and cost effective manner


Unlock equity within you assets /fleet to fund new projects or business growth,this allows you to utilize the capital your business has built up and access these funds immediately or in stage going forward




Business Finance

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